CNB was established in 1997, when it took over the activities of the former Laser Computer.  Since those days both  the company and the range of its products and services have grown steadily. We serve a demanding market of commercial, industrial and government clients, mainly in Belgium but also in The Netherlands, Luxemburg and France.


CNB is a computer manufacturer and wholesaler. We sell through our dealer network or directly to business customers with specific needs. We can provide customized systems for specific applications. We can take care of installation, maintenance and repair.

Our continued success had as much to do with our dedication to service as with the quality and reliability of the products we sell. We care about your needs and will do our best to ensure that you get the very best value for your money.


As custom computer builders, we do not only help you decide which are the best parts to use, we help you design a complete computer system that is customized for your tasks. We can only do that by talking to you, learning to know you and your business and truly understand your needs. Therefor it is not surprising that most of our customers have become real partners over the past decade.

We continually upgrade and revise our products and service offerings to make sure that we offer the latest products on the marketensure that you get the very best value for your money.